Co-Founder, Curator, and Head designer of Counterbound Publishing, Pacific Northwest Region (view website)

Experimental photography work exhibitted at The Shed, Ashland, OR

Publisher and Designer for  8 Ball Publishing, New York, NY

Mixed Media work exhibitted at the Earth Arts Center, New York City, NY

Designer for Sound Pedro, an experimental multimedia festival at Angels Gate Cultural Center, Los Angeles, CA

Designer and Performer in Southland Ensemble’s reproduction of Jackson Mac Low’s Asymmetries, Old Ann Peppers Gallery, Redlands, CA

Organizer, Curator, and Mixed Media work exhbitted at the Miscellaneous//etc. Art Show at the Beatnik Lounge, Joshua Tree, CA

Head Designer and Contibuter to the Redlands Review, a published literary arts magazine

Designer and Participant in Universidad Autómata de Baja California’s Feria Internacional de Libro, A book, art, and zine festival; Mexicali, Mexico

Co-Teacher and Organizer for a class on experimental art practice, mixed media development, art theory, and art management

Organizer, Curator, and Installation exhibitted at the Hybrid Forms Art Show at Ann Peppers Gallery, Redlands, CA

Manager and Curator for the JNST Radio Multimedia Festival, a collaboration between local visual and sound artists in space

Art Assistant for the University of Redlands Summer Art Program

Contibuter to the Redlands Review, a published literary arts magazine

Planner and Designer for the JNST Radio Music Festival, an arts festival with over 30 musicians and artists

Installation shown at the Experimental Arts Art Show at Bekins Hall Room 08, Redlands, CA

Founder and Director of JNST Radio, a mixed media organization for sound, image, and text

Teacher for two courses about aesthetics, sound production, visual communication, and collaborative arts  

Curator and Contributer for the Beat Within Art Show, a combined media exhibit benefitting a juvenile justice publication for writing and the arts, Redlands, CA

Event Planner and Curator for Discotheque X, an experimental music and interactive space event

Photography exhibited at the Johnston Art Show at Bekins Hall, Redlands, CA

Producer and Director of Photography for a Ducumentary about Chinese Development in Palau

Studied Art and Environment at the Johnston Center for Integrated Studies


Trevor Warren is a multimedia artist using media ranging from photography, sculpture, painting, book design, zines, sound, and more. Please feel free to contact him for any inquiries.